Adam Lambert Bio

Adam Lambert

Many people recognize Adam Lambert as one of the best musical talents to stem from a reality show singing competition, in his case ‘American Idol,’ season 8. He was quite the rocker when he appeared on the show, and it was fun to watch him grow as a singer as he progressed through the competition, almost winning. I happened to be watching that season, and it was evident the guy was going to become a star.

Since then, he has put out quite a bit of music, and his career technically started before 2009 and American Idol, but he was a child star in theatrical productions instead of a career as a singer and musician. What’s really interesting about about Lambert’s run on American Idol is how Simon Cowell viewed him and his performances. You see, Cowell was not known for being so nice!

However, Lambert was one of his favorites throughout all seasons he was a judge. Though he did critique Adam at times, it’s interesting to note that the only standing ovation that Cowell ever gave any contestant was when he stood up for Adam Lambert as the competition wound down.

Not only Cowell was in his corner, but all the judges were, as it was quite obvious he was going to be a star for years to come, as Paula Abdul indicated. If you haven’t caught wind of Adam Lambert’s music, it’s about time because he’s been putting out some great hits since 2009.

It has been widely noted about how Adam Lambert has opened up himself to the public as an openly gay music artist. He has set the pace in a way by doing this, and he is also very captivating at his live performances. Naturally with all this success, he has sold millions of copies of his albums.