Alan Jackson: One Of The Best In Country Music (review)

Alan Jackson

If you mention Alan Jackson to the younger generation these days, most of them are likely going to view him like I viewed Conway Twitty when I was growing up. I knew ‘of’ him, and I knew he was one of the greats. But, he was no longer really putting out the most popular music.

Alan Jackson is still in the country music business of course, but there are younger, newer names that have essentially taken over the scene. I’ll never forget the first time I really started paying attention to country music as a kid. I had a couple Garth Brooks tapes, and I had an Alan Jackson tape.

I’d go out in the backyard and play around listening to my Walkman as I played ‘Don’t Rock The Jukebox.’ I can still sing all the lyrics, and of course there was ‘Midnight in Montgomery’ and several others that I listened to as a young kid as well. Later on, another song I really loved of his was ‘Remember When.’

‘Remember When’ is such a beautiful and touching song, and Alan Jackson has such a unique and distinctive voice. While he is a huge name in country music, he’s never been much of one to take the headlines. That is why when names like Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney and others started hitting the scene, it was quite easy for them to steal the limelight.

Still, Alan Jackson will always be one of the greats in country music, and if you look at lists of the greatest country songs of all time, he’s got songs on up there with greats that have been gone for quite awhile. That just solidifies him as one of the greatest country music singers of all time.