An Honest Review Of Tamia


I cannot sit here and say that I listen to Tamia all of the time and I am an expert on her music. With that being said, I have heard many of her songs and I have to say that I am not extremely impressed. There are many female singers out there, and it is hard to see why she should be placed above any of them.

One of her most popular songs is “Officially Missing You,” and I am not exactly sure why this track has so much buzz. I find it boring and it is hard to see why people would be enamored with it. I can say that the largest problem is the lyrics and composition, and Tamia’s voice is not what makes the song so terrible.

Several years ago she did a song called “So Into You.” I like that song and I would turn it up whenever it came on the radio. I just realized that the one I liked was a remix and the original is far different. Apparently, the addition of Fabolous is what saved the song since the one without him is a great cure for insomnia.

The best song that I ever heard from her is “I Can’t Go For That,” which samples a Hall and Oates classic. This track is particularly good because it addresses domestic violence in relationships, which is something that people face all over the world. I couldn’t imagine any other voice conveying that message as well as Tamia.

All in all, I cannot call myself a fan, even though I like a couple of her songs well enough. Basically, I would be content with purchasing and buying the tracks I like, but it is not likely you will find me in line trying to buy her next album.