An Inside Look At Music Artist & Actor Tyrese Gibson (bio)


Tyrese Gibson is more than just an R&B singer, as he is also famously known for his appearances in The Fast & The Furious movies. Tyrese has had quite the popular music career as well, spanning almost two decades. By 2003, he had already released three studio albums, starting his career in 1998 by signing a deal with RCA.

Tyrese Gibson did bounce around a little when it came to record labels, and his career has had its highs and its mediocre points. With a career for almost twenty years, anyone would have a few mediocre albums. Still, Tyrese is not only a great singer, but he also has shown off his rapping skills.

His first time rapping on an album was in 2006, and he has since showcased his talent numerous times. Most everyone has heard a Tyrese song for sure, whether you’re an avid fan or not. Do you usually listen to R&B music and rap? I listen to all kinds of music, and I can tell you that I have definitely heard of Tyrese Gibson, not just the music artist, but also the actor.

It’s very interesting to note that his career has had its highest point just recently. The last album he released was his first number one album, and it debuted in that position. Additionally, he has seen more and more recognition as an actor lately as well.

It was only two years after he started his singing career that he became known as an actor, in 2001. Tyrese is a very multi-faceted and talented individual, and that is one of the main reasons why he is so popular. He might not be the best singer ever in the world, or the best actor, but it’s like Bo Jackson and his sports careers. Tyrese Gibson is an all-around type of guy.