The Life And Music Of Country Singer Luke Bryan (bio)

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan has emerged as one of the most popular singers of today’s time. He’s got a little grit to his music and style, which really is synonymous with the forward movement of country music in today’s world. It’s interesting because that ‘grit’ puts him in the same group as people like Travis Tritt, someone he was writing songs for early in his career.

His song ‘Kick The Dust Up’ is currently one of his most popular songs, and while he’s a newer face, he’s been around for awhile. His first record deal after writing songs came in 2007 with Capitol Records. By 2013, Luke Bryan had released his fourth album, and it as this year that he released his latest album, his fifth, which has the aforementioned song ‘Kick The Dust Up.’

How many number one hits has Luke Bryan had during his career? The man already has 13 #1 hits to his name! That’s quite an outstanding feat for someone who has five albums over a short period of time. That means that many of the songs from each album are well received.

There are many more country artists out there these days as well for Luke Bryan to be competing with. So, for him to be sitting at the top right now, that’s also a good achievement. There are others at the top with him, but he’s definitely one of the best at the moment.

How long will he stay there? Who knows, but with already having 13 #1 singles as mentioned before, even if he never released another one, he’s going into the Country Music Hall of Fame. He has won plenty of awards already, including Entertainer of the Year. And, that’s part of his persona, he’s definitely a personality, an entertainer.

Alan Jackson: One Of The Best In Country Music (review)

Alan Jackson

If you mention Alan Jackson to the younger generation these days, most of them are likely going to view him like I viewed Conway Twitty when I was growing up. I knew ‘of’ him, and I knew he was one of the greats. But, he was no longer really putting out the most popular music.

Alan Jackson is still in the country music business of course, but there are younger, newer names that have essentially taken over the scene. I’ll never forget the first time I really started paying attention to country music as a kid. I had a couple Garth Brooks tapes, and I had an Alan Jackson tape.

I’d go out in the backyard and play around listening to my Walkman as I played ‘Don’t Rock The Jukebox.’ I can still sing all the lyrics, and of course there was ‘Midnight in Montgomery’ and several others that I listened to as a young kid as well. Later on, another song I really loved of his was ‘Remember When.’

‘Remember When’ is such a beautiful and touching song, and Alan Jackson has such a unique and distinctive voice. While he is a huge name in country music, he’s never been much of one to take the headlines. That is why when names like Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney and others started hitting the scene, it was quite easy for them to steal the limelight.

Still, Alan Jackson will always be one of the greats in country music, and if you look at lists of the greatest country songs of all time, he’s got songs on up there with greats that have been gone for quite awhile. That just solidifies him as one of the greatest country music singers of all time.

The Saga of Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard (bio)

Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson are two of the most well known and unique country artists of all time, and you can really say that they did it “their way.” Willie Nelson, who wrote the song “Crazy” made famous by Patsy Cline, has written and sung some of the best music of all time, and performs it with his band regularly. Merle Haggard, of “I’m and Okie from Muskogee” fame is held in similar esteem by country music fans.

Both artists could be said to have written and sung songs that champion the average person, beset by the “pretty people” of society, and how the average and downtrodden hold the pretty people and their ways in contempt.

Willie has had a lot to say to in regard to some love songs such as “Blue Eyes Cryin’ In the Rain,” and “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before.” Haggard is known for “Mama Tried” and “The Bottle Let Me Down.” All of their songs are sung with a twinkle in the eye and a truth to the tone, as their fans never get tired of their music.

Recently Willie and Merle have teamed up again to follow up on other collaborations of the past to make a new album called “Django and Jimmie.” The fun and irreverence is still there, but now they are two old men still reveling in their insane attitude about not really giving a damn, and smoking a joint or two during the recording.

Merle and Willie, who are both on the other side of 80 can still “cook it” as they display a special artistry in the country, rhythm & blues, and jazz inflections that they effortlessly put into the music.

Willie with his piercing nasal twang and Merle with his forceful voice still punctuating the point at the right moment, both hit the mark again and have left us with another winner.

A Thousand Horses Band Review

A Thousand Horses is a band that was formally released on 9th June 2015. It focuses on a “Thousand Horses Story” and presents it through a recommendable American country music. It was formally released by the help of Republic Nashville and has rocked airplays for some time. In recent Southernality reviews it received an average rate of 3.5 stars out of 5 and is believed to be okay and commendable. The music was modeled in a superior manner and has aspects that are worth listening to. Its debut single named “Smoke” is awesome and has maintained number one position on country airplay rankings.

It is more than enjoyable and can swiftly take hold of listeners’ minds since it is all about an interesting story. It is part of a story it that takes listeners minds and makes them feel like listening to more music from this band. This music predicts a brighter future in the Americans country music.

The name smoke is used as a metaphor. It depicts how creative the writer of the song was and how he perfectly presents his thought to the audience. He drafted the songs in a way that makes it easy to understand. It makes it educative and uses it to cautions listeners in an indirect but a clear manner. A Thousand Horses is entertaining and with time, it will get hold of more listeners’ minds each day.

As predicted, A Thousand Horses will continue to get more fans and is expected to stay on top of airplay rankings for some time. This is why you should find way through which you can get the Southernality band, listen to it then leave your own review. Conclusively, you will love listening to the band and look forward to listening to it and getting entertained once more.

Kacey Musgraves Band Review

There are lot of artists that I like in modern music. However, one of my favorite artists is Kacey Musgraves. This is for a number of different reasons, however, it’s mostly because she is just a great all-round musician. There really is nothing more you could ask Kacey Musgraves to do in regards to pleasing fans with some really high calibre music. Indeed, I have been enjoying music by this artist for quite a long time now, and due to the fact that she releases great music on the regular, I am quite sure I will continue listening for a long time to come. With this in mind, here’s my Kacey Musgraves band review.

The thing that I noticed the most out of many of the songs that Kacey Musgraves has done is that she has great lyrics and a catchy beat. This makes her songs really accessible, meaning that it can be played in a whole number of different situations, which makes her music very versatile. I love how many of the lyrics to the songs written by Kacey Musgraves is very relatable, which allows for a very enjoying and relatable music experience. Indeed, there are not many other artists out right now that are able to write such heartfelt and meaningful music like Kacey Musgraves. I am definitely really glad to have been able to found such a talented artists such as this.

Overall, I believe that Kacey Musgraves is a very talented artist that I think more people should look into. All of the songs in her library are very accessible and enjoyable. That’s right, I believe that just about anyone will be able to find a song that they enjoy from the extensive song history that has been done by this artist. You can find Kacey Musgraves at many major music retailers.