Look At How Stevie Wonder Has Impacted The Music Industry (review)

Stevie Wonder

At the mere mention of Stevie Wonder’s name, most everyone recognizes him as one of the best music artists of all time. His career has spanned decades, one that will likely have him making appearances for the rest of his life. It’s one thing to have your run with music or be a popular singer for a certain period of time, but it’s a completely different story to be a cultural icon within the music industry.

Stevie Wonder isn’t just a singer, he’s a musician, an artist that has changed the music industry a great deal. It is extremely difficult for most music artists to remain current, putting out new albums over and over again as the music industry and music itself changes. When Stevie Wonder puts out music, everyone listens.

It doesn’t really matter if you follow the musician, know his music well or even like the type of music he puts out. You’ve likely heard his music somewhere, and you likely have appreciated it in some form or fashion. His music is everywhere, and the appreciation of his talent in general demands respect when you see him perform, whether on television or in person.

Stevie Wonder is an iconic musician not just because he has withstood the test of time, but also because of his approach as an artist. In fact, that’s the reason why he’s withstood the test of time and has such an astute reputation within the music industry.

It’s not just the fans who like him but also fellow musicians. He is one of Motown’s greatest musicians, and of course he’s one of the greatest musicians to ever have graced the stage. He’s also one of the best selling artists, which only comes natural when you’ve been putting out albums for the majority of your life, right?

A Biography of Tina Turner

TIna Turner

Tina Turner was born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939 in Tennessee and in the 1950s she moved to St. Louis, Missouri where she began performing in local venues. He immersion into the local R&B music scene led her to meet Ike Turner who was the leader of one of the local bands. Soon Tina was being featured with the band, and soon became the lead singer.

One song, “A Fool For Love” was recorded and sent to a radio station in New York and it was well liked and released under the name of “Ike and Tina Turner. The song went on to be a success in R&B circles, and then crossed over to rise successfully in the pop charts.

It was not long before “Ike and Tina Turner were in demand and they began to tour and their fame began to spread, as the band, and especially Tina became to be known for their active and electrifying performances on the stage.

Follow up songs such as “Tra La La La La,” “It’s Gonna Work Out Fine” and “Poor Fool” were also well received in both R&B and the Pop reviews. As more and more radio stations played their songs, their popularity soared and so did the sales of their records.

Ike and Tina got married in 1960 in Tijuana, Mexico. In 1966, they made a record with Phil Spector, the superstar producer with “River Deep, Mountain High” and the record became extremely successful in Europe but not in the US.

In the late 60’s the opened for the Rolling Stones gaining more fame and success, recording “Proud Mary” and “Natbush City Limits.”

In 1978, Tina divorced Ike, due to abuse and sought out on her own, recording “Let’s Stay Together” and in 1988, won the Grammy for Female Rock Vocal Performance.

Now, semi-retired, Turner lives in Switzerland with her husband, German record executive, Erwin Bach.

My Personal Miguel Band Review


Miguel has long been one of my favorite RnB artists. There’s something about his voice along with his style and fashion that makes him one of the coolest figures in modern music. A lot of people that I know, don’t really know about Miguel, which is quite disappointing. However, everyone that I know that has a passion for RnB music are all huge fans of Miguel. Hence, I wanted to write an article that really showed my opinion on this legendary RnB figure so that more people can understand what makes this artist so special. Hence, here’s my Miguel band review.

Miguel is one of the biggest names in current popular RnB music. He has had collaborations with some of the most legendary figures in modern music, such as artists in hip hop and even rock. One of the things that sets apart Miguel from many of the other artists of recent times is perhaps the fact that he is able to provide a very unique mix of different sounds and influences in his music. Lots of people like to compare Miguel to someone who is able to perfect every little aspect of every little genre of music. Many people like to say that Miguel is a perfectionist, and that he strives to achieve perfection in every bit of music that he takes inspiration from and uses in his own albums and singles. This leads to every Miguel song to be very awe-inspiring and amazing.

Hence, this concludes this short Miguel band review. I think that people who are not very much interested in RnB can really get something from the music in Miguel’s catalog. People who don’t really like modern or retro RnB like the music done by Miguel. Thus, this must show just how amazing of an artist this man is, and how his influence truly runs deep through music lovers.

An Honest Review Of Tamia


I cannot sit here and say that I listen to Tamia all of the time and I am an expert on her music. With that being said, I have heard many of her songs and I have to say that I am not extremely impressed. There are many female singers out there, and it is hard to see why she should be placed above any of them.

One of her most popular songs is “Officially Missing You,” and I am not exactly sure why this track has so much buzz. I find it boring and it is hard to see why people would be enamored with it. I can say that the largest problem is the lyrics and composition, and Tamia’s voice is not what makes the song so terrible.

Several years ago she did a song called “So Into You.” I like that song and I would turn it up whenever it came on the radio. I just realized that the one I liked was a remix and the original is far different. Apparently, the addition of Fabolous is what saved the song since the one without him is a great cure for insomnia.

The best song that I ever heard from her is “I Can’t Go For That,” which samples a Hall and Oates classic. This track is particularly good because it addresses domestic violence in relationships, which is something that people face all over the world. I couldn’t imagine any other voice conveying that message as well as Tamia.

All in all, I cannot call myself a fan, even though I like a couple of her songs well enough. Basically, I would be content with purchasing and buying the tracks I like, but it is not likely you will find me in line trying to buy her next album.

Concise And Informative Leon Bridges Bio

Leon Bridges

Not many have heard about Leon Bridges. However, those that have, know that he is one of the most promising artists of this generation. There are currently lots of men and women all throughout the world who have a huge passion for music who are speculating about the up and coming worldwide success of Leon Bridges. This is because this artists has truly shown the world that he has something unique and different to offer. Hence, for people who are still unsure about who Leon Bridges really is, here’s an interesting and concise bio of this artist.

Leon Bridges is a gospel and rock and roll artist who comes out of Texas. He has gone ahead and showed the world new and interesting variations of gospel which has been met with universal acclaim all throughout the world. This is especially true when it came to Leon Bridge’s debut album that was released in 2014. The reviews that came with this debut album were some of the best in recent years, with almost everyone listening to the album remarking about how game changing and unique the entire album was. There is no doubt that throughout many areas of music, all eyes are on Leon Bridges to see what he will do next, due to his recent display of amazing talent. Indeed, there is a lot of hype currently building up around Leon Bridges and many are saying that his latest album will be of an extremely high calibre.

Leon Bridges is a very interesting figure in modern music, and more people should endeavor to learn more about this very special artist. Hopefully, this short article has presented some interesting, yet concise, information in regards to Leon Bridges and how he has gained his fame and fans in recent years.

An Inside Look At Music Artist & Actor Tyrese Gibson (bio)


Tyrese Gibson is more than just an R&B singer, as he is also famously known for his appearances in The Fast & The Furious movies. Tyrese has had quite the popular music career as well, spanning almost two decades. By 2003, he had already released three studio albums, starting his career in 1998 by signing a deal with RCA.

Tyrese Gibson did bounce around a little when it came to record labels, and his career has had its highs and its mediocre points. With a career for almost twenty years, anyone would have a few mediocre albums. Still, Tyrese is not only a great singer, but he also has shown off his rapping skills.

His first time rapping on an album was in 2006, and he has since showcased his talent numerous times. Most everyone has heard a Tyrese song for sure, whether you’re an avid fan or not. Do you usually listen to R&B music and rap? I listen to all kinds of music, and I can tell you that I have definitely heard of Tyrese Gibson, not just the music artist, but also the actor.

It’s very interesting to note that his career has had its highest point just recently. The last album he released was his first number one album, and it debuted in that position. Additionally, he has seen more and more recognition as an actor lately as well.

It was only two years after he started his singing career that he became known as an actor, in 2001. Tyrese is a very multi-faceted and talented individual, and that is one of the main reasons why he is so popular. He might not be the best singer ever in the world, or the best actor, but it’s like Bo Jackson and his sports careers. Tyrese Gibson is an all-around type of guy.

Jill Scott Bio

Jill Scott

Jill Scott is becoming more and more popular as each day goes by. It is apparent that this singer truly has something different when compared to other RnB artists. Jill Scott has shown the world that anyone can make it successful in music, even if they make music that is different to what the mainstream is used to hearing. Indeed, Jill Scott was able to change the world of RnB to make a new sound that has now become very much mainstream. Many people say that Jill Scott is one of the most influential figures in recent RnB music. Thus, this article will provide an interesting Jill Scott bio.

Jill Scott had shown interest in music ever since a young age. However, she did not see success until quite a few failed attempts at breaking it into the music industry. Indeed, like many music artists, Jill Scott was unable to make a huge impact in the industry after a few tried and failed attempts. Many people don’t realize that some of the world’s biggest artists of today had to try and fail numerous times, sometimes for many, many, years before they are able to see their big break. Hence, this was the case for Jill Scott. However, when she finally got her big chance with a hit single and album, she capitalized on it and has gone on to become a very respected RnB figure that is still making beautiful music for the whole world to enjoy.

Thus, this concludes this interesting Jill Scott bio. Anyone who wants to learn about the history of RnB, along with the biggest influencers in the genre should seriously go ahead and look at more detailed information in regards to other artists alongside Jill Scott. RnB is a truly fascinating genre and is full of very interesting artists.