The Beatles: How Did John Lennon Learn the Guitar?

john lennon
When I first started to learn the guitar, I struggled tremendously. I couldn’t make sense of anything after my first lesson, and my second lesson didn’t go any better. I really felt like I was wasting my time and my money.

But when I was about to give up, a friend of my asked me if I knew about John Lennon‘s guitar-learning days. “No,” I told him. “How did John Lennon learn how to play the guitar?”

The answer he gave me shocked me, and helped to keep me on track.

When Lennon first started taking guitar lessons, he found them to be impossible. After only two lessons, he was ready to quit. He didn’t think he’d ever be able to master the instrument.

However, when he saw Lonnie Donegan play, he changed his mind. He knew he’d be able to learn the instrument in time.

Once I knew that Lennon had struggled with the guitar, I knew I could work through my own struggles. I kept on taking guitar lessons, and I started making tremendous progress. I’m still no Lennon, but I know I’ll be able to get there someday.

Concise Twenty One Pilots Band Review

Twenty One Pilots

There are lots of interesting music groups that have seen major success in recent times. Twenty One Pilots is one of these groups, who have gone ahead and broken down musical barriers to see great success all throughout the world. Many people are often interested in the story behind this group, as they are definitely a very unique group. As the popularity of Twenty One Pilots rises with each passing day, more and more people wish to learn more about this group. With this in mind, here’s a concise Twenty One Pilots band review.

The first thing to notice about the Twenty One Pilots is the fact that they are a duo. There are not many groups out these days that are a duo. Furthermore, there are even less musicians out there that are a duo who have seen the success that the Twenty One Pilots have been able to see. Indeed, this definitely sets apart Twenty One Pilots from many of their fellow artists. It is very rare for a duo to see such great musical success. This is because many times duo artists often have disagreements about their music which can lead to disorganized development of their music, which can significantly stint their ability to make it big in the music industry.

Furthermore, Twenty One Pilots make a wide range of very interesting music. The group are known for combining such things as hip hop and alternative rock together to make some very catchy and unique music. Many saw that the daring collaborations that Twenty One Pilots have throughout their music has been cornerstone to their success.

There is no doubt that the Twenty One Pilots is one of the most promising musical duos in recent years. Hence, hopefully this band review has shed some light on this duo.

Concise Rolling Stones Bio

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have long been thought to be one of the most iconic and influential rock bands of al time. Indeed, many people often attribute The Rolling Stones to be one of the most important figures in making rock and roll mainstream. It is no question that the influence that this band has had on the world has been astounding, especially when it comes to music. Hence, there are a lot of people who are often wondering about more information about this band. Thus, this article will provide concise information in regards to The Rolling Stones bio.

The Rolling Stones started off in England, from humble beginnings. There were lots of people during the time who were unfamiliar with rock and roll. Thus, the band had to start off with niche venues in order to get the exposure that they needed to make it a world wide success. Of course, becoming a world wide success was not on the minds of the band members at first. They were simply trying to make a living doing something that they love. However, as their talent and revolutionary music became more and more popular, things started to change. Firstly, the hometown of The Rolling Stones began to all know about the band, next the whole of England knew about the band. Soon, The Rolling Stones became a world wide sensation, and it has stayed that way even to this day.

Thus, this concise The Rolling Stones bio has shown you about how the band started from very humble beginnings as was able to take over the entire world of music. The band have had a truly immeasurable impact on music of today, thus anyone who is interested in music should take the time out to research this band even further.

Adam Lambert Bio

Adam Lambert

Many people recognize Adam Lambert as one of the best musical talents to stem from a reality show singing competition, in his case ‘American Idol,’ season 8. He was quite the rocker when he appeared on the show, and it was fun to watch him grow as a singer as he progressed through the competition, almost winning. I happened to be watching that season, and it was evident the guy was going to become a star.

Since then, he has put out quite a bit of music, and his career technically started before 2009 and American Idol, but he was a child star in theatrical productions instead of a career as a singer and musician. What’s really interesting about about Lambert’s run on American Idol is how Simon Cowell viewed him and his performances. You see, Cowell was not known for being so nice!

However, Lambert was one of his favorites throughout all seasons he was a judge. Though he did critique Adam at times, it’s interesting to note that the only standing ovation that Cowell ever gave any contestant was when he stood up for Adam Lambert as the competition wound down.

Not only Cowell was in his corner, but all the judges were, as it was quite obvious he was going to be a star for years to come, as Paula Abdul indicated. If you haven’t caught wind of Adam Lambert’s music, it’s about time because he’s been putting out some great hits since 2009.

It has been widely noted about how Adam Lambert has opened up himself to the public as an openly gay music artist. He has set the pace in a way by doing this, and he is also very captivating at his live performances. Naturally with all this success, he has sold millions of copies of his albums.

Fear Factory Band Review

Fear Factory

Fear Factory has long been one of my favorite bands of all time. This is because Fear Factory really is a lot different to many of the other bands that are out there. I believe that the secret behind the bands success is the fact that they have differentiated themselves from most of the other bands that are currently seeing success all around the world. Indeed, when you listen to Fear Factory you will realize that there really aren’t many other bands out there that sounds similar. It’s for this reason that this article will look into my personal Fear Factory band review.

The first thing that I would like to talk about in regards to Fear Factory is the fact that they have great fan service. This means that they really do value their fans and are able to hold a huge number of events just for their fans. Indeed, all throughout the year, Fear Factory are available to be met for fan events at a number of large music conventions all throughout the world. Furthermore, during their live shows, it’s often very easy to go ahead and get a photo from Fear Factory if you are able to purchase a VIP access to their show. This means that they truly do value their fans and are happy to take photos with them to show them that they appreciate their continued support throughout the years.

I am truly a huge fan of Fear Factory, especially for their great fan service. I think that more bands should spend more effort showing their gratitude towards their fans. There seems to be a like of thankfulness from many of the big successful artists of recent times. Thus, it’s for this reason that I believe that the Fear Factory band is truly impeccable.

Florence and The Machine Band Review

Florence + The Machine

Have you heard of Florence and the Machine? While the UK band does have great exposure, and has done well since 2007, I don’t know much about them either. It’s unfortunate because they are a very popular band among those who know about them, and their music crosses different genres. This can be a positive factor for many bands when it comes to exposure, but in their case, I think it’s been a negative one.

As for their music, crossing different genres has worked out well for them. What they put out is well received, and they just need to increase brand exposure of their band, especially outside the UK. Have you heard of their song ‘Ship to Wreck?’ This is one of their popular songs, and it’s also what they performed when they were on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

While the music they put out is broadly classified as rock, it has some soul to it, which really does niche them out. Another song of theirs is ‘What Kind of a Man.’ In the UK, their albums have been chart toppers, albeit not necessarily #1, still popular and critically acclaimed for sure.

However, it’s widely apparent that the band and its members are appreciated much more as music ‘artists’ than they are for their music. It’s like the coffee house crowd going into the coffee house for some good music but mostly for the ‘experience.’

While they have been singing together for almost a decade, it is still evident that the band needs time to grow professionally. For a band that puts out this good of music, however, Florence and the Machine does have a future if they can keep producing tunes that people find relevant and noteworthy.

Comprehensive Breaking Benjamin Bio

breaking benjamin

Breaking Benjamin is a band that has gone on to see great international success. Indeed, throughout the past few years, Breaking Benjamin has grown to become somewhat of a household name. This is especially true amongst rock fans of recent times. This means that Breaking Benjamin has gone ahead and truly impressed the entire world with their music. The music that this band makes is of such a high quality that is has captivated the whole world, which is truly an amazing thing. Thus, this article will provide a comprehensive Breaking Benjamin bio.

Breaking Benjamin are originally from Pennsylvania and have gone on to achieve world wide success. Indeed, the entire band has really grown from its original roots as a small local band. Now, they are a world wide phenomenon which really have been gaining some traction in recent years. This means that the band really doesn’t show any signs of stopping, which has caused great anticipation around the world in regards to what their latest album or single will sound like. The fact of the matter is there is a lot of die-hard fans for Breaking Benjamin and they definitely have been very happy with all of the music that this band has produced ever since they first started.

Breaking Benjamin is a band that has long been commended for making very accessible rock music that would definitely impress a person who would have otherwise not liked rock music. This has been one of the reasons as to why the band has been able to see the success that it has seen today. Accessible rock music is definitely something that Breaking Benjamin does very well.

Thus, this concludes this comprehensive guide on Breaking Benjamin. Hopefully people who were otherwise unaware of this band have learned something new through this article.

Lamb Of God Band Review

Lamb of God

Lamb Of God has been a band that I have always loved ever since I was a teenager. Indeed, whenever I was in my teenage years, I would love going to Lamb Of God concerts with my friends. The metal band has been around for quite some time now, and they are still producing some really good material. Thus, I have always wanted to go ahead and spread the message about this band to the rest of the world. Hence, here’s my Lamb Of God band review.

The great thing that sets Lamb Of God apart from other metal bands is the fact that the production on the songs are really well done. The production that goes into the songs for each of the songs that you find on many of the albums that Lamb Of God have released is really exceptional. There are lots of metal bands that are known for having good lyricism, however, they often are not able to deliver when it comes to the production side of their music. This is not the case with this band, and I am always amazed at the new sounds that they are able to muster up, it’s truly incredible.

Furthermore, I have always been amazed by the fact that Lamb Of God have always been able to provide their fans with quality music for such a long period of time. This band has literally been around for over a decade now, and they still are going strong. This is an indication that the band members truly have a passion for what they do and are committed to providing the fans with some new material.

Hence, this concludes this Lamb Of God band review. I hope that anyone reading this review will go ahead and check out a few songs by this band for themselves.