Florence and The Machine Band Review

Florence + The Machine

Have you heard of Florence and the Machine? While the UK band does have great exposure, and has done well since 2007, I don’t know much about them either. It’s unfortunate because they are a very popular band among those who know about them, and their music crosses different genres. This can be a positive factor for many bands when it comes to exposure, but in their case, I think it’s been a negative one.

As for their music, crossing different genres has worked out well for them. What they put out is well received, and they just need to increase brand exposure of their band, especially outside the UK. Have you heard of their song ‘Ship to Wreck?’ This is one of their popular songs, and it’s also what they performed when they were on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

While the music they put out is broadly classified as rock, it has some soul to it, which really does niche them out. Another song of theirs is ‘What Kind of a Man.’ In the UK, their albums have been chart toppers, albeit not necessarily #1, still popular and critically acclaimed for sure.

However, it’s widely apparent that the band and its members are appreciated much more as music ‘artists’ than they are for their music. It’s like the coffee house crowd going into the coffee house for some good music but mostly for the ‘experience.’

While they have been singing together for almost a decade, it is still evident that the band needs time to grow professionally. For a band that puts out this good of music, however, Florence and the Machine does have a future if they can keep producing tunes that people find relevant and noteworthy.