The Life And Music Of Country Singer Luke Bryan (bio)

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan has emerged as one of the most popular singers of today’s time. He’s got a little grit to his music and style, which really is synonymous with the forward movement of country music in today’s world. It’s interesting because that ‘grit’ puts him in the same group as people like Travis Tritt, someone he was writing songs for early in his career.

His song ‘Kick The Dust Up’ is currently one of his most popular songs, and while he’s a newer face, he’s been around for awhile. His first record deal after writing songs came in 2007 with Capitol Records. By 2013, Luke Bryan had released his fourth album, and it as this year that he released his latest album, his fifth, which has the aforementioned song ‘Kick The Dust Up.’

How many number one hits has Luke Bryan had during his career? The man already has 13 #1 hits to his name! That’s quite an outstanding feat for someone who has five albums over a short period of time. That means that many of the songs from each album are well received.

There are many more country artists out there these days as well for Luke Bryan to be competing with. So, for him to be sitting at the top right now, that’s also a good achievement. There are others at the top with him, but he’s definitely one of the best at the moment.

How long will he stay there? Who knows, but with already having 13 #1 singles as mentioned before, even if he never released another one, he’s going into the Country Music Hall of Fame. He has won plenty of awards already, including Entertainer of the Year. And, that’s part of his persona, he’s definitely a personality, an entertainer.